It doesn’t matter how many times I watch this. This whole scene keeps giving me goosebumps.

Awesome work Alex Hirsch. This is the only cartoon I’m really following, and every single episode, especially in this season, are pure masterpieces. I love how Hirsch keeps this show so dark, so mysterious. Even though a huge mystery is revealed, a popular fan theory has been confirmed.. The fandom isn’t relieved. The fandom is scared. It’s like we’re facing more questions than we started with.

Who is Stan really? Who is his brother? What happened to him that he disappeared for 30 long years? What is going to happen between Dipper and Mabel.

And many many more questions.

Let’s face it everyone.
All the episodes before this one?
Those were all to warm us up.

Gravity Falls has now really begun

(Video credits to ‘the next big thing’ on youtube)


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