Elsa: Looking Good and Happy

Has anyone ever noticed how Elsa looks when she appears to Anna after the latter comes to her palace and calls out to her?

Yes, I know, she looks stunningly gorgeous in her ice dress, and I know Anna thinks that, too. She says Elsa looks different, a good different, and Anna probably thinks Elsa has never looked so beautiful before.

But I’m not just talking about Elsa’s beauty in this moment. Look at her face in both gifs, and look closely at how her expressions subtly change as she steps forward and continues to gaze at Anna.

When she first appears, Elsa looks at Anna in surprise and awe, with slightly wide eyes. It’s kind of like she is saying, “Is it really you?” with her eyes. She can’t believe that Anna has found her and her palace. But it’s a positive feeling of surprise. Elsa can’t believe that, after she had pushed her little sister away and virtually ignored her for thirteen years, Anna still wants to reach out to her. She can’t believe that Anna has come all this way just to see her.

Then as she takes some more steps towards Anna, Elsa’s surprised expression gradually turns into a warm smile, then grin. She is delighted and pleased to see Anna, the person she loves most in the world. Even though she wants to be left alone for the safety of others, especially Anna, Elsa cannot help feeling happy right now since Anna is here. The more steps she takes towards Anna, the more her happiness to see her sister grows.

Elsa probably thought that when she left Arendelle, everyone, including Anna, feared and despised her. But seeing Anna here tells Elsa that her sister has not given up on her and does not hate her, despite everything they have been through.

And that is another reason why she is surprised and happy.

gifs belong to arendellekingdom


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