my favourite thing about the cut song Life’s Too Short is that it sounds so similar to Take Me or Leave Me from Rent

also the tone of the song makes absolutely no sense considering it was essentially replaced by the First Time in Forever reprise

I’d really like to see it re-added into the broadway adaptation because it’s such a catchy tune
…but, you know, it would probably have to be relocated to a more suitable place in the story

Hm… a lot of the outtake songs were written with Elsa and Anna having a slightly different relationship with one another however. One that was more aggressive and antagonistic (reason probably being because Elsa was going to be a villain initially, but was rewritten to be the Elsa we know today). I wouldn’t want these kinds of songs added into the original plot and song list for Frozen because I feel like it’d drastically change the tone to the overall story, but say, when they make the sequel to Frozen I would love songs like this. Because I feel like now that the sisters are reunited there’s that potential there for them to fight and argue like sisters because they’re so different from one another personality-wise. 


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