Welp, I take back what I said before… We are so ass fucked by a cactus. 0_o; And Bonnie’s going to enjoy every second of it.

Audio devices…Camera systems…Ventilation…

All with errors?

O_O Fucking Bonnie has the ability to shut these down?! Or do these get overloaded and shut down on their own? 

Either way, this is a very clever way to fix what fans avoided.This is a very interesting way to bring the horror back in the game, considering many YouTubers and others cheat the game in not looking into the cameras like you’re suppose to, to get some fear aspect out of it.

So for Scott to literally force you to now choose which takes priority for survival, is one way to have the player to actually peek at the cameras at all times instead of just waiting for the animatronics to come along and you slam the door in their face or slap a mask on, which I do find a little bit of cheating in. 

Especially in FNaFs2. 

The first game I understood since it minimizes power usage. But in the second game you don’t have much of a power problem and people still don’t peek at every room. Understandable in some ways but then you just miss out on a lot of the scares Scott worked hard at. Which is a shame really.

I see that Scott borrowed the idea from the creator of Five Nights at Treasure Island. If I’m correct, the Audio devices could be used as a way to distract Bonnie and lead him away from the office when he gets too close for comfort and you’re either blind or have the ventilation off.  

Now you’re going to ask, ‘Well why wait for one at a time when I can just reboot them all at once?’ Well, you can do that, given that’s an option to do, but think about it. If its an option… you are literally defenseless. You’re blind, you can’t distract Bonnie and he has the quickest route to you… do you really want to risk rebooting all three at the same time?

From the looks of the list…not only is it alphabetical but probably shows which system is the quickest to reboot. The Audio devices for the attractions is probably the fastest one to reboot in order to have your defense in distraction. Cameras are a tad slower, but then you can see him and stop him from moving for a few minutes when you glance in his direction. The Vents take the longest since it requires to boot up the generators that run it which do take a while to power up then have the fans activate and keep Bonnie away from the vents or forces him out of the one he’s currently in. 

Each one takes a couple of minutes or more to activate if they’re shut down. So to reboot all three at once is ideal… it leaves you completely open to attack by Bonnie while you wait helplessly for the systems to restart. 

So I ask you… which is more important to you?

Seeing him lurking in the camera view?

Distracting him from his path or the vents by playing sounds?

Or blocking his quickest route to your office?

Choose wisely, Bonnie only needs the time of your panic to make his way to your side. 

Where nothing is there to stop him… No doors to bar the way… no mask to lead him astray… you’ll be his to take. Can you handle the nightmare he’ll leave in his wake?

As I said just before FNAF 2 came out… I’M DEAD, YOU’RE DEAD, WE’RE ALL DEAD!!!


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