Hater loomed over the nomad, raising the staff over his head-fine, he couldn’t use its powers yet? THEN HE WOULD USE IT TO SMASH IN HIS THICK SKULL! Wander, who found himself crashing into the treasure littered ground as he tripped in his escape, looked up with fear in his eyes. YES, THIS WAS IT.

This was the end.”

It’s been a while! There is something oddly satisfying about drawing Wander in fear; could be the fact fear is my favorite emotions, but the fact the little guy is never frightened also helps. Just them cute little helpless, terrified eyes.

That sounded weird, I’m not the one to praise my drawing. Especially since my shading is crap.

A scene from Heart of the Cards, by darkwingsnark . ^^ I also have her to thank for managing to draw them golden coins – only by indulging in her overwhelmingly big number of D. Duck Universe related posts did I remember I might as well Google Scrooge’s money-dive for piled up coins references. x3 (they still look crappy, tho xD)


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