“Hey there, buddy! Sorry I’m not able ta’ visit ya like I usually do, but I figured you’d like this group picture of me and all the other Wanders I met this week instead! Can you believe how many versions of me there are? It’s incredible! We went on all these fun adventures and everythin’! It’s getting late though, so I gotta go. Goodnight!”

~ Love, Wander

(I couldn’t really come up with any ideas for the new Wander Says Goodnight comic, so I decided to do a group photo/postcard thing based on the AU Crossover. Hopefully no one will mind)

Role Reversal!Wander belongs to Celebi9

Wanda design belongs to Prismasandpie

EDIT: I forgot to mention: Child!Wander is based on this: http://night-waker.tumblr.com/post/96048257801/while-im-doing-friendship-week-stuff-heres-an#notes )


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