Hello fellow Wanderers,

It really means a lot to me that you can’t wait to watch the new episodes.  But you have to understand that by watching illegial uploads of International Broadcasts for free online does nothing to help the show in the eyes of Disney. 

Because they don’t know you’re watching!

So if you love Wander and want it to continue please (if you can) watch it on the Channel, DVR it from the Channel, or watch it on the Disney Watch app. Because the more Disney can track viewers, the more they’ll know you’re watching, and the more they’ll want to make more for you to watch! 

For the record, there is no threat of Wander being cancelled. Disney loves the show, they are behind it 100%, and are really, really excited for Season 2. 

As Wander would say “It never hurts to help” so help him out by watching the show in a way that Disney knows you’re out there! That way we can all keep Wandering around the universe for a long time to come!

Thanks for hearing me out,



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