i dont think i should reply to the post directly because it wasn’t really about zim and i’d be derailing it into fandom nonsense but i saw a post today saying that zim has barely any emotions beside anger (if i don’t acknowledge the post at all then this feels really awkward though because they might follow this blog idk)

as a devoted fan of the character i would like to respectfully argue that when one undergoes a careful viewing of the show one discovers that zim’s range of emotions actually also encompasses anxiety, glee, despair, sadness, excitement, and enjoying a snack. and even, dare i say it, traces of affection

these are also known as ‘basically the entire range of human emotions, depending on who you ask’

is this useful information? probably not at all

it is just interesting to me that such an emotionally demonstrative and weirdly complicated character gets the ‘unfeeling’ or ‘one dimensional’ label, often mostly because he’s tha alien i think?

i think people expect him to just be angry or whatever and then kind of miss it when he spends a big chunk of episode sitting around shivering

meanwhile i’m over here going ‘wow my favorite fictional character of all time look at the depth and the layers and, oh yeah i guess he’s kinda loud too and where are you going i swear this is the best character’

ETA: also zim is like really super tense all the time and he’s kind of loud and rude and obnoxious under pressure and sometimes he looks/sounds angry when he’s just on edge. this is where the show kind of builds on itself even though there’s not a lot of continuity because zim’s actions look different if you’ve seen other things he’s done and that’s also really cool but i digress

This is so important. U_U


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