And some people are hating me for saying the Gravity Falls Fandom is ignorant. 😛

I cannot describe how much bullshit and what asswipes the Disney Company is becoming now!  Seriously, Craig is a wonderful guy and worked really hard making this show and sadly gets overshadowed by everything else on the damn channel.  I too love Gravity Falls but I’m really starting to hate the fandom for putting another show on a godamn pedestal.  I mean to those Gravity Fall fans claiming “Gravity Falls is the only good show!!!”, do you not realize how close minded you guys are?  What about Wander Over Yonder?  The Mickey Mouse Shorts, and even The 7D?  Look I love all these shows equally but it really doesn’t hurt for you all to explore new things!  There’s more to Disney cartoons than Gravity Falls, and there’s more to Disney Channel and Disney XD…  I’m very disappointing, I was expecting this show to reach high ratings and Disney really just sucks at advertising their own shows.  I don’t even care if Disney Channel is a “Girl oriented Channel” these kids should know there’s more to life than romance, being popular, or some other recycle teen culture in their shows.  To be honest, it’s very nice to see a new cartoon from the McCrackens and it’s NICE to see a show without any teeny beeny boppers at all.  I’m not reblogging just for WoY, but even the 7D is falling down too and that company is made by those same people who worked on our beloved WB cartoons.(The Animaniacs, Tiny Toons, Freakzoid doesn’t ring a bell to you?)   

Please just reblog this because this show really deserves more views.  And to anyone who has younger siblings, has a child, or anyone who just wants to find a new cartoon to watch then I suggest to watch it.  Even if you’re not a fan of the show, it really wouldn’t hurt to reblog this.  I just find it unfair that Disney does a horrible job at promoting their cartoons unlike Nick and CN who actually do their best to advertise their shows.

Disney… I like you guys and all, but seriously if this shows dies because of your horrible advertising I’m holding you all accountable! (Then again, someone mentioned on my freakout post that we’re only seeing the US numbers and that the viewership is probably higher in other countries, so maybe we don’t have too much to worry about.)

But really followers, reblog anyway. Even if you don’t watch the show, we could still use the viewers here in the US.


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