Here’s a tutorial/ref on how to draw Hater’s facial features for the special lil bud that asked~

and remember, this is a cartoon!

  • If you feel stretching or changing the rules on how to draw the character makes it more expressive, or that the face better fits the emotion— GO FOR IT! Wander Over Yonder is HUGE on it’s use of animation to tell a story, so that extra line or curve could help make that emotion even more apparent!

But really on the idea of tracing over screencaps: Some may argue that it’s ‘cheating’

in all honesty it’s not! It’d be ‘cheating’ if you were tracing over 3 dimensional figure, but woy is a cartoon with flat local color! Literally the characters are JUST SHAPES. and there’s nothing wrong with tracing over shapes so you can process/remember them better!

It’s because the perspectives of the characters in woy are stylized, it’s sometimes hard to draw the pose you want! So look up ref! Now, I’m not saying to TRACE over the lines for YOUR line art, I’m saying trace over the lines so you can draw them on your own from memory!

It helps a bunch and makes drawing these lovely characters a bunch easier! 🙂

An Anon Ask me for Tips about How to draw Hater

this is not mine but are good ones! 🙂

I’ll try to show how I draw hater soon

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