Now that we’re men
We can defeat the Blot
Get the Heart, and rocket parts
To save Wasteland!

I literally haven’t drawn these two for about a year and yet this is the best Mickey and Oswald I’ve ever done. O_o

I got a request around a week and a half ago for an Epic Mickey/SpongeBob movie thing with the “Now That We’re Men” scene featuring Mickey (as SpongeBob) and Oswald (as Patrick) journeying through Wasteland with the Blotlings joining tham. I actually took an unlockable art extra thing from the movie game and Epic Mickey-fied it.

Also, now that school’s started back up for me again (and I really wanna start focusing on my writing again) this was probably the last request I’ll take for a while. My ask box is still open though if any of you wanna talk about other stuff!

Happy birthday Oswald! 😀


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