When Foster’s Home for Imaginary Friends first came out, I wasn’t looking forward to it. I saw the promos and thought it looked too…weird. It felt like a disappointment compared to Powerpuff. I basically just kinda shunned the show till the following year. I had just gotten home from summer school and I flipped through the TV channels trying to find something to watch aaaand Foster’s was on! I was bored enough that I figured “whatever, I GUESS i’ll watch”. So picture this 2 cool 4 anything 13 year old laying on the couch just staring unimpressed at these strange characters. Next thing I knew, I was starting to feel kinda…amused? My final thought was “hm, okay…I guess it wasn’t TOO bad..”

Well, I caught more and more of the episodes throughout the summer. Didn’t take too long until I was totally loving this show. Fast forward tooooo….late 2006? When Good Wilt Hunting aired and THAT is when I became ridiculously obsessed. I can guarantee you all of my notebooks I had with me my first 2 years of high school were filled with Foster’s fanart. I found a fan site (Never Forgotten), joined the discussion forum and checked it pretty much daily after i’d get home from school. This show was my life for a few years and I still love the heck out of it. So don’t judge something without giving it a proper chance!


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