…Yeah, I know, they aren’t much. Since the anniversay of the show’s preview (Not gonna lie… this show only feels like it’s been on for six months to me) coming up, I figured I’d post these.

These are the first drawings of Wander I ever did way back in September/October. Sure, all I did was redraw what I found on the model sheet, but it really helped me get the hang drawing him. Since we’re here I figured I’d say something… important…

Ooh boy, I’m probably about to sound really stupid for saying this but… this show (Especially Wander) as helped me… a lot. Lots of stuff has happened over the past year, not much has been good, and whenever things got really bad at home or school well, Wander was there to cheer me up.

Yeah yeah, here I am – a teenage girl in high-school – talking about how a cartoon orange alien hippie dude and his talking space horse lady friend in a show for kids is changing my life, but it’s true!

Here’s a good example of how: While not officially diagnoised, I’m 99.9% positive I have some type of anxiety disorder. Most of my life it hasn’t really affected me too much, but over the past year it’s started acting up a lot more and even though I can still control it, it’s gotten much harder.

You’re probably expecting me to say “Well Wander has been shown to get anxiety a few times in the show I can totally relate to that!” Well, that’s maybe a little true, but it’s actually something else entirely. Remember Wander’s song? The one from the credits of “The Greatest” and “The Little Guy”? Of course you do! Anyway, whenever I feel my stress going up I sing the song to myself to calm myself down. It doesn’t always work, but it always helps. šŸ™‚

There’s other stuff too. Like how much I love the fandom and using the techniques in “The Timebomb” to handle my temper (You wouldn’t realize I had one if you met me in RL) but I don’t have much time so on behalf of myself and all my fellow Wanderers:

Thank you, Wander!


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