HOLY CRUD! IT’S FINALLY DONE! (Backflips while fireworks go off in the background)

‘Kay, so a while ago I got requests from an Anon wanting more Wander Over Yonder/Epic Mickey crossovers (Always fun). I wanted this up sooner but life happened… so yeah.

First pic they wanted Wander and Copernicus’ “First meeting and first friendship” as they put it. I didn’t really know what they meant by first friendship (and looking back I should’ve asked. *Headdesks*) so – for now – here’s how they met. My little story is Wander and Sylvia somehow find a portal to Wasteland, Wander goes through it, falls out of the sky… and lands right where Copernicus happens to be standing.

In the 2nd pic they wanted a “sequel” of sorts to this: (http://night-waker.tumblr.com/post/89221923226/someone-mentioned-wander-singing-when-she-loved#notes) with Copernicus comforting a sad Wander, cause if you’ve used the link above and saw it you know Wander needs it. U_U

So, here you go Anon. Hope the wait was worth it! 😀


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